About Concert Insurance Group®

Concert Insurance Group® was founded in Chicago, Illinois by successful industry entrepreneurs responding to significant fronting demand within their diverse client bases.



Because the captive and program markets are growing by leaps and bounds (and no one is committed to both of these markets). A long-term commitment to partnership between clients and reinsurers is sorely missing.

In Concert’s vision for the fronting market, sourcing leverages unparalleled access to existing and new captive opportunities.

Underwriting maintains a focus on quality partners AND programs.

Onboarding applies robust due diligence and technology investment. In addition, we steward programs to ensure long-term shared success.

Bottom line: There’s great potential for better customer service and better results in the fronting market. We see that potential and know how to unlock it.


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We were founded to support captive and program segments.
We’re committed to long-term, meaningful partnerships.