A new kind of fronting company formed to provide better risk solutions in a rapidly evolving world

The Concert Advantage

We have an unparalleled understanding of captive industry needs

  • Alignment with captive owners and managers, with an embedded base of over 600 captive clients and growing
  • Connection to captive feasibility assessments

We take a long-term partnership approach in all relationships

  • Alignment with founders to create solutions
  • Motivated to invest in and nurture successful long-term business relationships

We have a commitment to effective underwriting oversight

  • Continuously make investments in underwriting experience
  • Greater access to ILS capacity and new ILS solutions
  • Reinsurers are our clients too

We take great pride in our operational efficiency

  • Efficient platforms for both admitted and E&S business, utilizing smart data management and with no legacy issues
  • Leverage broad insurance management, technology and underwriting capabilities of the founders

What makes us different?

Our full-service offering, extensive industry relationships, an independent perspective, and a commitment to long-term, meaningful partnerships.

Our highly respected management team, and their proven track record of success.

Our Board of Directors, with their unparalleled industry experience and expertise.

Our dedication to operational excellence, linking insureds to wider and more efficient sources of capital.

Concert Insurance Company® and Concert Specialty Insurance Company®, rating unit members of Concert Insurance Group®, are rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.